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just passing by

Sometimes its nice to just sit down on a bench along the dirty Thames and people- watch. People are not only artist but the art itself. We roam in 1’s 2’s 3’s and more but if you look, there is always something that makes a person stand out, even that little baby in a cute bear suit :)

sights of passers by along Southbank, London

photos: © Steffi Santiago

First elephants popped up around London, now eggs! I cracked up inside (excuse the pun) when I noticed that the post box egg was enclosed to prevent people from actually putting stuff in. There was even an egg hanging on wires between two buildings which I didn’t get to photograph (because I was actually meant to be street snapping for a magazine). Well at least we know now that eggs can tightrope while elephants can’t.

Fancy egg hunting around London anyone?