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Nurse Hatsune Miku Vocaloid cosplay by Chloe


Because we all need head gear like these!

London Fashion Week A/W 2011

Holly Fulton S/S 2011

Tribal prints and spikes have been growing on me more than ever and I think I know who to thank for that…

London Fashion Week 2011

J. JS Lee A/W 2011

Minimalistic and clean classic cuts in a modern look? I’m confusing myself too. But this just does not get out of style. Even the when flying cars are the norm, someone’s great great x 3000 grand daughter could be looking pristine in that white shirt that I just lust. Mum would want one too.

London Fashion Week A/W 2011

Michael van der Ham A/W 2011

It’s like a went shopping, but only took home photos. All the different textures and mismatched designs just seemed to work. Now that bright yellow clutch looks theft proof, it might bite.

London Fashion Week A/W 2011

David Koma

I remember how his collection was so sought after and Topshop fanatics were all over the place to get their hands on these creations. Power dressing - I’ll leave it at that.

London Fashion Week A/W 2011

Louise Gray

Clashing colours, bold prints, and trash-to-art, yes please!.  Why don’t we have bottle cap vending machines like in sesame street? I’m gonna ask Bert to spare a few.

London Fashion Week A/W 2011

MFP by Maria Francesca Pepe

Edgy-glam with a hint of a rebel, just how I like it

London Fashion Week A/W 2011

Sights of the Designer Exhibition at Somerset House

London Fashion Week A/W 2011

NEWGEN for Topshop, Scarves installation

London Fashion Week A/W 2011 | © Steffi Santiago

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