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Interview with The Micro Head 4N’s at Hyper Japan

I can still hear the panic-y voice in my head, or maybe I was really squeaking .. er.. speaking in a high-pitched voice the entire time? All of it was a blur! The event was almost ending that day but 3/5 of The Micro Head 4N’s- Shun, Ricky and Zero were kind enough to sit down at the edge of the Hyper Japan stage and have a little chat whilst I scribbled, which went like this:

Have you ever visited the UK in the past?
Zero: Once with my old band

Are you just here in the UK for Hyper Japan? Or do you have any other shows lined-up?
TMH4Ns: Just Hyper Japan for now because we are on a tight schedule.

What was your impression of the UK audience?
Ricky: They were nice enough to laugh at our jokes and take pictures with us during our meet and greet, even though it is our first time meeting them.
Shun: But we would like to know, how could we get a really good reaction from the UK audience when we go on stage? Because in Japan we throw in some comedy here and there to get keep them hyped.

What is the band up to at the moment?
Zero: We just released our European album last September.
Ricky: We are also in the middle of our national tour in Japan where we perform our new songs.

Who are your musical influences?
TMH4Ns: We listen to Marilyn Manson, Korn, Radiohead, Linkin Park
Shun: Personally, I like Eric Clapton for his awesome guitar skills.

Since you are a visual-kei band, who do you look up to for style?
Shun: I like the style of Sex Pistols 10 years ago, especially that of Sid Vicious.
Ricky: I prefer a more unique and out-there experimental mix of style. Something like Lady Gaga and Bjork.
Zero: No one in particular, but I do have a penchant for leopard prints.

If you were given a chance to collaborate or perform with a UK act, who would it be?
TMH4Ns: Beatles (laughs). It would be cool to perform with Garbage, Bullet for My Valentine, Oh and Coldplay to name a few, but we don’t want to get our hopes too high.

Any particular place you’d like to perform at?
Shun: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers once performed with a castle as their backdrop and I think that it was in the UK, so somewhere cool like that.

How about in the future, what areas/ cities in the UK would you like to visit?
TMH4Ns: Aside from London, we’d like to visit Manchester, Birmingham and Ireland.

Do you have any message for the UK J-rock fans/ audience out there?
Ricky: Our music is pretty cool so you should come check us out when we perform live.
Shun: The UK is full of cuties and I am looking forward to coming here more often.
Zero: The UK is renown for the soccer (football) hooligans, and when we do perform here in the future, we want the fans to be as hyped up as them.

Zero, Ricky and Shun at the Meet and Greet ^^, too bad I didn’t get an autograph T.T

Their first album, “A Beginning From The End” is available to download on iTunes or Amazon download or you can purchase the CD on Yes Asia.

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Thank you to Mary Moreton, Yukiko Takahashi, and the band’s management for making this last-minute interview possible!

Paper Thin - Billie Tweddle

Just effortless singing, a soothing melody, and a simple poetic song = music to my ears! She sings, plays guitar, composes and is only 12 years young! If she’s this great at such a tender age, what more when she matures and gains more experiences in life. 

Fashion Monster MV - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Out of all Kyary’s songs, this is the best one so far! It’s like Alice in Wonderland meets the Adams Family, with a Nun-chuck drummer, Cousin IT on strings and Kyary herself as somehow Queen Alice of Hearts who can magically air guitar and sing “..hwa-shyon monstAHHHH!!!” (which in the family now has a new meaning *inside joke* XD)

Not to mention the bat wing hairstyle and overall set designs and everything they’re wearing = I love aomoji-kei even more now ^^,

** somehow this seems to be a befitting anthem for my blog at the moment…

Where June Begins MV - Hugh Keice

Stripped back from all the glam I bring to you some K-Indie!!! I just love the chilled-out feel of this song and the really clean animated sketches.

Hugh Keice is a Korean indie artist based in London and he will be performing this October! You can grab some tickets here :) (If only I could go I would!)

PS. I finally found out how to make the video on my sidebar play so you can listen/watch straight from the main page yipee!!!


When I hear the word ‘rave’, I make this weird techno sound, and its almost EXACTLY like the one on this song! It’s just too addictive and a guilty pleasure, as Josh Groban tweeted, “It’s a Gangnam Style world, we’re just living in it. Amazing video.” It’s that good that even CNN had to put it on spotlight. Go watch now and have LSS for quite a while ^_^, “Oppa, Ganganam Style <insert weird techno rave tune here>” Seriously, this should have been featured ages ago… oh.. and that horse gallop step you’d want to try…

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I Love You MV - 2NE1

I like how this track has a mix of Electro, House. Reggae, R&B and Rock

(Plus Sandara Park’s Hair is Daebak!)

- Karl P.

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Hi miss Alice….er… Kanon-san! She is finally coming to London to perform and take part in this year’s Hyper Japan event.

If gothic lolita was a music style, Kanon Wakeshima would be the muse. With her dark melodic sound and the haunting strings of her cello, her music is pleasantly classical with a deep but playful twist.

We only saw her on screen at last year’s Hyper Japan event, well in 3D if you looked into the glasses.

Kanon Wakeshima

I’ve missed too many opportunities to see acts and attend events, therefore, I must get hold of some tickets!