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Short Film: Right Place

"Yes mum! This is part of my coursework!" When you are a student in any artsy-fartsy course what seems like "leisurely browsing the net" is actually homework! (no I’m not making excuses up) Since anime, music videos, LOL-clips and Asian dramas eat up most of my video streaming data, and I was cramming (main reason) I looked to some short films, yes SHORT, for some inspiration for my final major project, which by the way went through a gazillion re-drafts and some ninja-filming!

If you call yourself a ‘neat-freak’ you haven’t met this convenience store part-timer. An eccentric little fella and his day-to-day OCD-ness. I give my sincerest applause to Kosai Sekine for directing this! Somehow brings me back to my fish and chip shop working days! ah… the smell of oil (yuck!)


Paper Thin - Billie Tweddle

Just effortless singing, a soothing melody, and a simple poetic song = music to my ears! She sings, plays guitar, composes and is only 12 years young! If she’s this great at such a tender age, what more when she matures and gains more experiences in life. 

Fashion Monster MV - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Out of all Kyary’s songs, this is the best one so far! It’s like Alice in Wonderland meets the Adams Family, with a Nun-chuck drummer, Cousin IT on strings and Kyary herself as somehow Queen Alice of Hearts who can magically air guitar and sing “..hwa-shyon monstAHHHH!!!” (which in the family now has a new meaning *inside joke* XD)

Not to mention the bat wing hairstyle and overall set designs and everything they’re wearing = I love aomoji-kei even more now ^^,

** somehow this seems to be a befitting anthem for my blog at the moment…

Where June Begins MV - Hugh Keice

Stripped back from all the glam I bring to you some K-Indie!!! I just love the chilled-out feel of this song and the really clean animated sketches.

Hugh Keice is a Korean indie artist based in London and he will be performing this October! You can grab some tickets here :) (If only I could go I would!)

PS. I finally found out how to make the video on my sidebar play so you can listen/watch straight from the main page yipee!!!

The LEGO Story

I am a Lego kid, still a Lego kid, and always will be a Lego kid, and all Lego kids should know this story.

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When I hear the word ‘rave’, I make this weird techno sound, and its almost EXACTLY like the one on this song! It’s just too addictive and a guilty pleasure, as Josh Groban tweeted, “It’s a Gangnam Style world, we’re just living in it. Amazing video.” It’s that good that even CNN had to put it on spotlight. Go watch now and have LSS for quite a while ^_^, “Oppa, Ganganam Style <insert weird techno rave tune here>” Seriously, this should have been featured ages ago… oh.. and that horse gallop step you’d want to try…

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I Love You MV - 2NE1

I like how this track has a mix of Electro, House. Reggae, R&B and Rock

(Plus Sandara Park’s Hair is Daebak!)

- Karl P.

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