Kei and Ink is my excuse to stop people on the streets and shoot them (ehm, photograph), splurge my time to lurk around and find anything eye & ear-catching, oh, and my otaku-ish little pleasures.

I hope you enjoy wandering around as much as I enjoyed collecting all these.

Feel free to reblog but please make sure to add credits and a link back to this blog. thanks!

- Steffi

(For my personal blog visit: www.paperwander.tumblr.com which may have the occasional re-rant and behind-the-scenes from KEI & INK )

just in case… 

All photos, designs, and words, are © Steffi Santiago unless otherwise stated. Please do not steal them, or use them for commercial purposes without my permission.

For any enquiries and projects you can contact me.

Open to commissions, collabs, and other projects

Kei and Ink by Steffi Santiago

under construction…

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